Saturday, 21 June 2008

Emotional rollercoaster

One day I will be at liberty to write down and share with you all the behind-the-scenes details of this peculiarly stressful week. The words `Emotional Rollercoaster` which I pinched from Roger Waters c. 1988 come to mind. The latest news concerns our planned pre-expediyion commentary from both sides of the Atlanyic, is that, at least as far as the boy Redfern is concerned, there IS no news. He is in the middle of a power outage, but will be back online tomorrow.

Richard has just phoned me from Heathrow. The team (apart from Dave Archer who is expected imminently) have arrived. The next news will be sometime tomorrow morning. They arrive in Moscow sometime after 7.00am (GMT) and will phone us to confirm when they have passed through Immigration and have been accepted into Mother Russia.

Some lines from G. H. Macdermott (aka "the Great Macdermott") come to mind, but I won't quote them here. In the meantime here is a silly (and possibly actionable) trailer for what's to come...

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