Sunday, 22 June 2008

Adam's biography

A Civil Servant in his day job, Adam spends all his spare time and money tracking down supposedly legendary creatures. Indeed, he has travelled all over the world in his quests-everywhere from the Congo to China...

Adam is a field researcher who has gained some notable scientific backing for his findings on the expeditions he has led. A number of credible scientists ( e.g. DRs David Chivers and Jeff Meldrum), confirmed the casts he found were of an unknown primate. Whilst the hair samples he took led Dr. Hans Brunner to agree with that conclusion. Adam was also part of a team which had great success at Lake Seljord. The
evidence the team found there was again analysed by leading experts, and again found to be from an unknown species. Adam doesn't find scientific proof of the existence of unknown species on every trip he goes on though, and when he doesn't he says so! (e.g. Loch Ness).

Adam loves mixing it with the locals whilst on expeditions, and enjoys indulging in other peoples cultures (although he never ever wants to eat monkey again!).

When not away, Adam can with stunning regularity and dedication, be found down his local pub.

Adam is the author of the recently published `Extreme-Expeditions: Travel Adventures stalking the world's mysterious animals` which has received great reviews.

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