Friday, 4 July 2008

Day 13: The murder scene, a shadow in the night, the team split in two

Adam just telephoned. Most of the last three days has involved staking out a derelict barn where the almasty has been seen on several occasions. It was - Adam tells me with a shiver in his voice - the site of a triple murder some years ago, and theexperience was more than a little creepy.

The camera traps have not yet revealed anything special, but one night, when Richard and Adam were in the barn they saw a huge shadow flit by the window. They rushed out onto the derelict balcony but it had gone.

Adam wants me to stress that they DIDN'T see the almasty. They merely saw a huge, man-shaped shadow in a place where the almasty has been seen on many occasions. But it is good supporting evidence.

Dave, Keith and Adam are on their way back to Britain, and will be arriving late on saturday night. This is because they have more convcentional jobs and family structures than Richard and Chris who will be staying for another week, during which they will be carrying out the DNA swab tests provided by Professor Bryan Sykes.

Adam stressed that he has a lot more to tell me, but that at £1.98 a minute via a mobile phone it will be easier to wait until sunday or monday when we will have a long chat with him and be posting the first pictures from the expedition.

It ain't over yet........

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Ben Emlyn-Jones said...

So they saw something! Was it the Almasty? But seeing as the barn was the site of a violent death it could be a spooky phenomenon of the less flesh-and-blood kind. Or maybe it's the Bolam Lake apparition on tour!